Energy.Motion.Flow is a class all about alcohol inks and beyond. (More about the beyond in a little bit). Over the years, I explored the brilliant fluidity and joyful and endless ways in which alcohol inks produce organic paintings that seem to defy imagination. The colors dance off the page and the inks create a transparent hue that almost seem to glow. I like to think that alcohol inks helped me think outside of the box (although, I don’t think I was ever in one to begin with) and pushed me to create my own style of painting. I’ve learned to create my own style of painting. And that’s exactly what I want to teach you to do!

I have experienced Alexis Bonavitacola‘s course 3 times and plan on more. I think any experience promotes a feeling. I “feel” wonderful when I paint something and you give me your beautiful comments. I “feel” like an artist for the very first time in my life. I “feel” nurtured and cared for by you all. I “feel” brave and willing to try new things. i “feel” adventurous…the sky’s the limit. Thank YOU, Alexis Bonavitacola, for dreaming up such a wonderful EXPERIENCE for us all!!!! I look forward to many more. I just don’t know how you can even put a price on what you’ve given to all of us! Thanks! XOXOXOXOX


This course is designed for you if you want to:

  • Learn to let go and play with the fluidity and adventuresome spirit of alcohol inks. And you are willing (and excited) to take a few risks with the inks and me.
  • Find your own style of painting and be open to new possibilities.
  • Play with new tools to move the ink around and create unique textures.
  • Explore abstract, blooms, expressive landscapes and sea and sky in ink.
  • Engage in a community of supportive, lift-your-spirits, like-minded artists. I have found that we all become the most wonderful teachers in these types of communities.
  • Think of yourself as an amazing artist, full of possibility, from day one of the course.

Just a note: Although, I will be sharing many of my techniques with you, this class is about discovering your own unique style and bringing forth your own talents in alcohol ink. Remember that you want to keep YOUR VISION in your painting. The work you want to create will be your own, but know that I will give you the tools and techniques that will help you along your way.

This is the first online course I’ve taken and you have set the bar incredibly high for anyone who follows.  The number of technique demos along with your feedback, support, and encouragement provided an unbelievable rate of return on the class tuition.  You were definitely born to be an artist and a teacher.  You are “all in” when it comes to your students and that is something I genuinely respect and appreciate.  You created a fantastic, fun, judgment-free, and nurturing learning environment.  Your approach to teaching fosters a group dynamic that is also positive and encouraging. 

But this class has done more than help me improve my AI work.  I read a quote a few weeks ago (I don’t know who to attribute it to) that says, “Sometimes you need to step outside, get some air, and remind yourself of who you are and who you want to be.”  This class was my step outside to get some air.  I love your holistic and spiritual approach to teaching and it made such an impact!  I honestly feel that this class has been a life-changer for me.  

You and this class have had a hugely positive impact on my life and for that I also sincerely thank you.


Course Overview

  • This is a five week guided ecourse with classes rolled out from Monday to Friday. Each week will consist of five lessons. Not every day will be a “painting” day. In fact, days two and four will be our demo days, while the other days are used to inspire and motivate you to think about creativity in others ways. These non-painting days are used for reflection, inspiration, virtual play dates, and fun tips and tricks, and an opportunity for you to breathe and step back from the painting. In previous courses, these non-painting days have moved the artists in profound ways.
  • These fix weeks of lessons will include audio, video, text, and downloadable resources to guide you through each step of the learning process.  The course is Mac and Windows compatible!  You MUST have access to high speed Internet.  Also, since I use mostly all videos uploaded to for my demonstrations, please see if you are able to access Vimeo videos on your device.  This is really important so that you do not experience any technical difficulties. 
  • I will provide you with access to your own private course website and membership in a private, safe, we-are-all-in-this-together community that learns and grows together.  This keeps on going way after the class ends and these friendship have become very important.
  • I will happily give you ongoing and specific feedback tailored to your individual needs.
  • You can learn at your own speed and you will have LIFETIME ACCESS. I am specifically designing the course so that alcohol ink artists of all levels feel honored through supportive and timely feedback. For those that would like a little more challenge, there will be resources that you could purchase if interested in exploring, alcohol inks and encaustic wax. I will be playing with oil pastels, too and am going to see how to incorporate these with inks as well.  Whatever I am learning, I want to bring to you, too. See? I did say…Alcohol inks and beyond.
  • Our Fun Tips and Tricks contain a plethora of information on apps, photo editing sites, sites to reproduce your images into products and loads of other goodies. You will learn how to make gorgeous gifts from you artwork!
  • We’ll have visits to virtual artists’ studios to watch them at work. This is such an amazing part of this ecourse and enjoyed by all of the students.
  • Definitely a surprise speaker/artist or two!  Get ready for podcasts, too! as well as three live Facebook Q and A’s during the course.
  • I will share my heartfelt approach to alcohol ink painting and mixed media for those that are interested in adding to their ink paintings.
How will the ecourse be structured?

Both INKSpiration and Energy.Motion.Flow: The Beauty of Alcohol Inks…and Beyond will be rolled out daily – Monday through Friday. Our first week is all about getting use to the courseroom, introductions, and lots of other goodies to build a strong learning community.

When the class opens, I will invite everyone to sign up in our private Facebook group. You will be a member of my ecourses you will join hundreds of alumni who are still flourishing in my Facebook group. This is where the magic takes place as everyone becomes part of a supportive artistic learning community. We are all teachers in the learning process.

Class Participation


I also understand that not everyone may feel comfortable about showing his/her work in the various stages of creation. However, supporting one another in the process is key. Even if you are not comfortable showing your work to the group, that’s fine, but please make sure that you are able to provide feedback to your fellow classmates.


How long will I have to view the course materials?

All of my classes have Lifetime Access.  You will be able to view the course content for as long as you would like to view it; however, please know that the videos are not downloadable.



But, I am a real novice at alcohol inks or I already know how to use alcohol inks


We have all different learners in this class! Some are newbies to the inks and some are season ink artist.  Everyone learners.  We all get inspiration from one another.

If you are taking this course from me, you want to learn to go looser or learn some new techniques or even take a short review of how alcohol ink works or learn more advanced work.

For the advanced learners, there will be options available for you to try in other mediums. Believe it or not, every learner along the way will be able to step back and think about the process from a new point of view.  The new learners have really added dimension to their inks.

I have taken at least 16 classes in various mediums, and regardless of what I think I already know, I always learn more – and it is very exciting.

I love to be able to say, “I never thought to do it that way” and then my art changes as a result of the learning. Be ready for surprises!


What is going to happen each day?

Each week will be based around a theme: abstracts, blooms, expressive and interpretative landscapes, and sea and sky.

Each day you will have a video or two or three or, in some cases – many more :). The videos, both my speaking to you and even my demonstrations will not be lengthy. I believe in setting up the learning environment, modeling the lesson, and then giving all of you an opportunity to try the exercise. The great thing about alcohol inks is that they dry very quickly and this will give me an opportunity to practice two or three exercises with you.

On Friday, that will be a day for you to think about marketing your work and we will be discussing sales, etc., as well as discussing printing, printing sources, scanners, amazing apps, and where to have your artwork created into beautiful gifts for family and friends. Social media and its role in art will also be a topic of conversation.

What do I need to know about the Internet?

You will need high-speed internet to view the videos.  The videos are a very important part of the course and there are at least 150 of them, so please take this into consideration when thinking about the course.  I cannot provide alternative options for viewing the videos and cannot provide refunds if your internet connection is faulty.

I use Vimeo for my videos.  I have found that Chrome and Safari are problem free with Vimeo.  If you are on an IPad or tablet, you may need to install the free Vimeo App..

Sharing the Work with Others

I am thrilled that you have chosen to take the class with me. However, I would ask that you not share these lessons  or your password with others. It is against the law and my work is copy writed. I have put a lot of time and energy into creating a class just for you. Plus, you and everyone else in the class have paid and it is just not appropriate to give the course away. Two of my core values are integrity and ethics and I trust that you will respect me and your other classmates in keeping these lessons within our course room. Thank you.

What if I want to share my work with others?

ABSOLUTELY! There is no greater gift than for a teacher to see his/her students spread their wings and fly. You know that this course is not about “copying” my exact work. It is about you learning the technique, adding your own voice and creative spin to it, and then creating your own work of art. That being said, I will be wholeheartedly sharing my own work with you. I give you permission to play with it. It is not copying as I am saying it is okay. But, copying the work of others – whether in the course room or on Pinterest that is not fair play and is considered, at least in my book, plagiarism and infringing on copy write law.

I certainly don’t want to end on a down note, but I also want to be very upfront about what could be possible questions coming up throughout the course – especially regarding sharing the lessons and copying the work of others.

Also, if you do share the art you are learning in my class on your private Facebook Page, please acknowledge this ecourse.  Thank you!

We are going to have a blast in this class and I expect everyone to leave after five weeks with a new direction to take his/her alcohol ink art or for someone to have discovered their new love – alcohol inks.

I am always available for questions and feel free to shoot me in a note in case I forgot to address anything in these FAQs.

I have to thank you one more time!  Taking your workshop was a life changing experience for me!  When I saw it offered I knew I wanted to do it, but told myself that there was no way I could find the time.  It nagged at me every day and the desire to do it grew so strong that I finally jumped in at the last minute and signed up.  I knew it would be a good experience, but I had no idea what greatness was in store for us!  I’ve had a lot of 5 day workshops with a lot of big name artists, but with the exception of a very few, I got nearly nothing from them.  This was beyond anything I could even dream of!  I don’t think there is another teacher out there that is willing to put so much time and effort and love into a class!  I could name everything presented in this class as very, very special.  Not just the painting, but the TED talks helped me greatly, and all the use of the technology involved, though it was a challenge for me, did help me grow and I will continue to grow from it!  I had never even been to Pinterest!  You shared everything you know, and few artists would do that! 
I can’t imagine how you found time to do all this for us!  You provided all the information and demonstrations, and still found time to keep up with all the art work and conversations we posted….responding almost immediately when we posted a painting!  I don’t know how you do it all!

What will we be painting?

  • Every day we begin with a Space for Gratitude.  This is a new addition to this class and has proved to be such a thoughtful way for our artful journey to unfold each and every day of the course.
  • We’ll start out learning setting for foundation for our learning.  Module 0 is all getting accustomed to our Facebook community and making sure you have your supplies and other important beginning pieces of the course.  This is where I create the foundation for all of your learning.
  • In Module 1 we explore everything you ever wanted to know about alcohol inks!  There will be demos of the supplies that you will need, the inks, paper, etc.  We’ll create a few small “inky” pieces, but quickly move to the more fluid pieces trying more and more techniques and approaches.
  • In Module 2 we’ll focus on Blooms – everyone loves paintings blooms/flowers! I’ll explore painting flowers (some red and white poppies, various blooms of color, and other flowers that may move us).  You will also have my many Pinterest boards for inspiration.
  • Module 3 is all about expressive landscapes and will be inspired by other wonderful artists to give us ideas for possible creations. Even former students share their step-by-step instructions on how to make gorgeous trees and other students share their art and instructions throughout the course.  Our class is a truly collaborative experience.
  • Module 4 explores sea and sky and creating beautiful skies and some seascapes, as well.
  • In my Bonus Module, we will have a potpourri of goodies – masking flowers, painting a zebra, and other fun pieces.
  • We will spend time looking at the work of some amazing artists and learn how to recreate these pieces in alcohol inks and mixed media.
  • New to this ecourse will be many downloadable playbooks as well as checklists to keep you on track with your learning.
  • I will help you plan for success and I will focus on organization, time management, how to approach your learning – the emotional roller coaster of artists, and helping you gain clarity on your goals for success.
  • Fun Tips and Tricks contains wonderful videos...these are always growing with every new app and site that becomes available during our time together.
  • Optional lessons (and I really do mean optional) will be available for those that want to extend alcohol inks to infinity and beyond!
  • There is so much, so much more.
You have just become my teacher and long distance friend and yet you have revealed so much of yourself.
Yes, you are fearless.  How did you get that way?  And sincere, compassionate, hard working, a devoted teacher, generous, kind, sensitive, creative, and an incredible, passionate ARTIST!  Your responsiveness to class members is incredible and your business model is fantastic!  I feel so blessed to be in your class and experience all the energy that you give to each of us and class members give to each other!  It is the best!

I’ve never been in a class where – all the while developing gifts – I felt SO loved, understood, and nurtured – Encouraged to Dream, co-create, and collaboratively shift the world via Love!

I am so honoured and thankful to be part of this community of learners. Honestly, this experience has changed my life. There are no words to express how grateful I am to all of you

Alexis, thanks being so open and trust worthy of the group. You lead by example by putting yourself out there. When I sign up for this course, I didn’t know what to expect. I told my friends that I am taking an art ecourse. They all said that how can you take art Class over the Internet. I told them that …Don’t know! Wait and see. I got a lot more than I expected. Your dedication and enthusiasm are incredible. I am really glad that I have such a wonderful teacher and connected with all of these new cyber friends.

Registration Opening Soon

Once again – included in this ecourse:

  • Six weeks of amazing content 
  • 160+ videos!!!
  • Lifetime access
  • Live Facebook chats three times during the course
  • Access to a vibrant Facebook Learning Community – I like to say, “This is where the magic happens”.
  • Interviews with other amazing alcohol ink artists – these are my surprise guests!
  • Tons of Friday Fun Tips and Tricks to help you market your art, learn about scanning, companies that I use to make fabulous gifts, etc.
  • TED talks that move you to think about creativity in ways you never thought about before – trust me.

Thank you, Alexis, for sharing your love of art with us, as well as sharing a piece of your soul.
Even though I knew nothing about the waxes or most of your tips and tricks, the “beyond” to me became learning about why I wanted to paint. I learned that in order to express my art outwards, I had to first look inwards. You’ve given me so much to think about.

To me, though, your greatest gift is not your AMAZING art, but your ability to connect with people and to connect people to each other. 
I know the door to the classroom is closing, but I like to think a window has been opened.
Many, many thanks to you Alexis.