FAQs About My Ecourses

How will the e-courses be structured?

Both INKSpiration and Energy.Motion.Flow will run over a six-week period and the courses will be roller out once a week, beginning on Fridays.  Our first week is all about getting use to the courseroom, introductions, and lots of other goodies to build a strong learning community..

When the class opens, I will invite everyone to sign up in our private Facebook group. You will be a member of my ecourses you will join hundreds of alumni who are still flourishing in my Facebook group. This is where the magic takes place as everyone becomes part of a supportive artistic learning community. We are all teachers in the learning process.

Class participation 

I also understand that not everyone may feel comfortable about showing his/her work in the various stages of creation. However, supporting one another in the process is key. Even if you are not comfortable showing your work to the group, that’s fine, but please make sure that you are able to provide feedback to your fellow classmates.

How long will I be able to view the materials?

You will have access to the course for a full year. If you need to take your time and go slowly through the course, it is truly understandable.All materials (digital images, PDFs will be downloadable). Videos will not be downloadable.

But, I am a real novice at alcohol inks or I already know how to create with alcohol inks.

We have all different learners in this class!  Some are newbies to the inks and some are season ink artist.  Everyone learners.  We all get inspiration from one another.

If you are taking this course from me, you want to learn to go looser or learn some new techniques or even take a short review of how alcohol ink works or learn more advanced work.

For the advanced learners, there will be options available for you to try in other mediums. Believe it or not, every learner along the way will be able to step back and think about the process from a new point of view.  The new learners have really added dimension to their inks.

I have taken at least 12 classes in various mediums, and regardless of what I think I already know, I always learn more – and it is very exciting.

I love to be able to say, “I never thought to do it that way” and then my art changes as a result of the learning. Be ready for surprises!

P.S. I am standing beside my first alcohol ink (Underwater Treasure and one of my latest, Enlightenment) in this picture.

What is going to happen on each day?

Each week will be based around a theme: abstracts, blooms, expressive and interpretative landscapes, sea and sky.

Each day you will have a video or two or three or, in some cases – many more :). The videos, both my speaking to you and even my demonstrations will not be lengthy – the longest is 23 minutes. I believe in setting up the learning environment, modeling the lesson, and then giving all of you an opportunity to try the exercise. The great thing about alcohol inks is that they dry very quickly and this will give me an opportunity to practice two or three exercises with you.

On Friday, that will be a day for you to think about marketing your work and we will be discussing sales, etc., as well as discussing printing, printing sources, scanners, amazing apps, and where to have your artwork created into beautiful gifts for family and friends. Social media and its role in art will also be a topic of conversation.




You will need high-speed internet to view the videos.  The videos are a very important part of the course and there are 140 of them, so please take this into consideration when thinking about the course.  I cannot provide alternative options for viewing the videos and cannot provide refunds if your internet connection is faulty.

I use Vimeo for my videos.  I have found that Chrome and Safari are problem free with Vimeo.  If you are on an IPad or tablet, you may need to install the free Vimeo App..

Sharing the course work with others

I am thrilled that you have chosen to take the class with me. However, I would ask that you not share these lessons  or your password with others. I have put a lot of time and energy into creating a class just for you. Plus, you and everyone else in the class have paid and it is just not appropriate to give the course away. Two of my core values are integrity and ethics and I trust that you will respect me and your other classmates in keeping these lessons within our course room. Thank you.

How about if I want to share my fabulous creations with others?

ABSOLUTELY! There is no greater gift than for a teacher to see his/her students spread their wings and fly. You know that this course is not about “copying” my exact work. It is about you learning the technique, adding your own voice and creative spin to it, and then creating your own work of art. That being said, I will be wholeheartedly sharing my own work with you. I give you permission to play with it. It is not copying as I am saying it is okay. But, copying the work of others – whether in the course room or on Pinterest that is not fair play and is considered, at least in my book, plagiarism and infringing on copy write law.

I certainly don’t want to end on a down note, but I also want to be very upfront about what could be possible questions coming up throughout the course – especially regarding sharing the lessons and copying the work of others.

Also, if you do share the art you are learning in my class on your private Facebook Page, please acknowledge this ecourse.  Thank you!

We are going to have a blast in this class and I expect everyone to leave after five weeks with a new direction to take his/her alcohol ink art or for someone to have discovered their new love – alcohol inks.

I am always available for questions and feel free to shoot me in a note in case I forgot to address anything in these FAQs.