I had the privilege of asking my current and form students to name my superpowers!  I was overwhelmed by their responses. Below is just a small sample of the many, many testimonials I’ve received about my ecourses. 

I learned so much, not just about alcohol ink, but about being an artist and about myself.  All of the inspiration from you, TED talks, insight from and into other artists, how to prepare and present art and much more.  As I researched over and over the many online courses available, my husband (the artist) asked why I chose yours?  My answer was  “if I want to be the best I have to learn from the best”.  Now he says I’m turning into the artist he always wanted to be.  He has been so giving and unbiased with his critiques.  We both agree It was worth every penny and so much more.   As I have said before you take awesome to a new level. Marilyn


Thank you Alexis Bonavitacola for helping me transition from someone who timidly dabbled in painting to a person who calls herself an artist and has sold 15 paintings in 2016! 


Alexis, thank you for this inspiring journey! Words can’t describe how you have inspired me! You brought me back to my art career that I had dropped 12 years ago to care for aging parents and I have sold 6 paintings in the last couple of months! Four of those paintings were alcohol inks that I did as a result of your classes! Just think…I am only one person you have touched! If we all wrote down how you have touched our lives, what an eye-opening story it would make. You are a dynamo that never seems to run down and you have accomplished this year more than I can even comprehend!


Once in a while everyone deserves to take a wonderful class. A class that feels like a college course but with all the awe of and wonder of the learning that took place when you were little and the world was new. 

This type of learning is unexpected even in the best of face to face learning. However, it is even more unexpected when it happens in an online art class. I was in awe in my class with Alexis Bonavitacola’s Energy, Motion, Flow. And I still am. 


Alexis, you have given so much to all of us. You radiate love, enthusiasm, kindness, and generosity. Your art work is beyond fabulous! Thank you so much for your time and effort. I’m grateful that the course materials will be available for months to come for people like me who have been traveling and unable to paint or listen to the talks. I would also like to thank your husband for his role in supporting you and sharing you with all of us!

I’ve never been in a class where – all the while developing gifts – I felt SO loved, understood, and nurtured – Encouraged to Dream, co-create, and collaboratively shift the world via Love!


I think you have created such a wonderful environment to try, try again and share our ups and downs. I’ve found it very refreshing. The talks that you have put up truly inspire and help us reflect. The openness that you provide and the very fact that you allow yourself (and prove to us) that we are not all knowing…be it teacher or student…it is ok to say ‘I don’t know’



Thank you Alexis for sharing so much of yourself with us, and for reminding me of the freedom I experience when creating abstract. I love that each of our paintings can say something to each person who views it in a different way. I have not had such an exciting desire to focus on something that is outside of family, work and serving others in a very very long time. The connection with each of you I have felt through the pieces thus far shared is certainly inspirational. I look forward to sharing some of my pieces very soon and hope they make someone smile too!



Thank you so much for this amazing class. It has challenged me, improved me, exasperated me and I am loving every minute. So glad I have more months ahead to enjoy you again and again.  


My English is far too imperfect to express in an appropriate way the many great experiences and specially my gratitude for these 4 weeks which gave me so much to see, and listen to, to be astonished and amazed, enjoy and try while giving myself the permission to be as I have just mentioned: so imperfect! Therefore, I’ll stay simple and say only THANK YOU, THANK YOU and again THANK YOU to Alexis 


Oh…you’ve got it goin‘ girl! This is the best course I have EVER seen even though I can only follow right now by reading everyday. You put SO much into it. Well worth the money……thank you so much!    

Mary Cay

Thank you Alexis for your wonderful class, your generosity, and your vulnerability, and you attention to detail. You surely gave something for everyone. 


I sure am going to miss your class. I looked forward to it every week.   You should be proud of the great job you did..  I was so happy to be able to take an abstract / expressive art class, because I painted mostly realistic art of people and animals, and I wanted to move away from all that detailed work.  Your class has helped me move beyond realism. BRAVO Thank you for making painting fun again.      


You are so kind (and responsive, sharing and creative). I have never had such an engaged and connected teacher in my whole life. You are truly an example of what a teacher with commitment and integrity can bring to your students. As a PhD in education also, and former Dean, I appreciate so fully your involvement with all of us, and your “spot on” comments to our postings and questions. You have so enriched my life, and have drawn me in to an aspect of myself that thrills at art, that insists that art be a part of many hours of my day, and that urge to go back to the computer to see what other students have posted….a real part of my day that I look forward to. My art will never be the same again as it has evolved experimentally (and will continue to, I assure you).

The thrill of it all will forever be connected to you and your teaching and the person who you are. Thanks for being you, and for being a part of my life


I really, really appreciate all your extra work. Best online class I’ve taken. 


Until this class, I never even would have put my name and the word artist together.

I am SO grateful to you for being such a wonderful teacher, not only for the thoroughness of your course videos, but also the inspiration you give to EACH member of the group with your uplifting comments on the pieces we submit.



Alexis, thanks being so open and trust worthy of the group. You lead by example by putting yourself out there. When I sign up for this course, I didn’t know what to expect. I told my friends that I am taking an art ecourse. They all said that how can you take art Class over the Internet. I told them that …Don’t know! Wait and see. I got a lot more than I expected. Your dedication and enthusiasm are incredible. I am really glad that I have such a wonderful teacher and connected with all of these new cyber friends.


I am a 69 year old “newbie” to alcohol inks. If you are considering taking Alexis’ class but fear you are too old or not artistic enough….FEAR NO MORE! Without a doubt, Alexis is the teacher for you…experienced artist, teacher of art or newbie. This is, without a doubt, not only the most inspiring class I have ever taken, but the class in which I found my voice as an artist thanks to Alexis..Amazing for me to actually believe now that i AM an artist.  I cannot encourage you enough….your art and your life will thank you… 

Joyce Williams

When you first started talking about creating an ecourse I knew that I would sign up for it – no matter what because you exude that kind of energy.  Your ecourse Energy Motion & Flow has been more than I could ever hope for.  You give and give and then give some more.  There is so much to love and appreciate about this course. The weekly step by step videos of which there are several, not only inspire but walk the student through each technique for creating works of art.  I also appreciate the weekly TED talks and other inspirational videos inserted into the course each week giving all of us so much more to think about.  And one of my favorite parts of the course is your weekly welcome video.  It’s like sitting down with a friend and catching up.  Alexis you draw people to you and create friendships through social media all while being an incredible instructor.  I will be sorry to see this course come to an end but anxiously await to see what you come up with next.   

Steph Sweeting

I have met many people, but for some reason you have always stood out to me at the different alcohol ink sites we have both belonged with your kindness.  You not only have art talent, but the gift of encouraging others to reach for the stars.     


Amazing! It is a wonderful course… Fun, so informative, and your feedback is incredible… Almost immediate and always honest, constructive, and encouraging! I have loved every minute and will continue to enjoy all the things I have learned, probably, for the rest of my life!    


Alexis is a fabulous artist and instructor, who readily shares not only the techniques on how she creates her beautiful works of art, but also provides the inspiration and encouragement that allows you to expand, explore, and enhance your own creative and artistic nature. I look forward to taking more classes with her as they become available! Thank you, Alexis for a fabulous experience! I am somewhat sad to see it ending, as I have truly enjoyed it all.       

Lea Marie Weaver

Who could not love you and your class!! I do not have words to express how much I got from class. I am enrolled in any other class you offer.      


You have been a huge inspiration to me, personally as well as artistically! Your courage, honesty, openness about your journey, as well as your great creative talent and personal integrity will continue to inspire me as I continue my own journey.